Automotive Window Tinting

Car Window Tinting Specialist


Our Films Deliver Safety and Security

  • Up to 99% ultraviolet protection, limiting the fading of interior
  • A reduction in solar heat by rejecting up to 58% of energy
  • A noticeable decrease in glare, up to 94%
  • Added privacy for you and your valuables
  • Limited fragmentation of shattered glass


Keep Your Car Looking Hot While You Stay Cool
  • Absolutely no unsightly bubbling or peeling
  • Wide selection of shade choices
  • Durable scratch-resistant surfaces
  • Compatible with factory tints


Look Cool and Feel Even Cooler
  • Reduces intense bright spots on sunny days
  • Reduces blinding headlights during night drives
  • Can reduce up to 58% of total solar energy


Warranty as long as you own the vehicle against
  • Colour Change
  • Bubbling
  • Cracking
  • Peeling
  • Demetalising